TOP 7 Ideas for What to Do in Latvia in Winter


Do not be confused by the cold, because you can have an interesting time in Latvia in winter. It is worth coming to the hospitable Baltic country for the Christmas markets, colorful restaurants, skates and bobsleigh, the best casinos in Riga, wooden houses and light parks.

  1. Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Riga are kiosks and fragrant hot mulled wine. Have you already tasted a hot currant drink with a Riga black balsam? It is believed that this balm has medicinal properties, and in a cocktail with a hot juice, it warms both the soul and the body. If you are in Riga, be sure to try it out!

Enjoy Riga evenings while strolling around the Christmas markets. Try wild boar sausages, homemade gingerbread cookies and hot sauerkraut, and don’t forget to buy souvenirs!

  1. Restaurants

Warm yourself with Latvian national cuisine, for example, gray peas with speck, blood sausage, national porridge made from potatoes and barley, and potatoes with herring and cottage cheese. In winter, in restaurants you will find turnips, rye bread and rowan tortillas — very valuable sources of vitamins C and B.

  1. Bobsleigh track in Sigulda

Do you want to feel adrenaline and race at a speed of 80 km/h? Visit the bobsleigh track in Sigulda and go sledding! This is one of the rare tracks available not only to athletes, but also to visitors. Every turn is a whole adventure! Ride on Vuchko is possible every weekend until March. The track is suitable for bobsled, luge and skeleton — both for training and competition.

  1. Casino

In recent years, casinos have become a popular tourist’s attraction in Latvia and especially in its capital. Some tourists come for gambling tours, because the local gambling houses are really good. Many people choose holidays to arrange their vacation to VIP establishments, for example, in Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La. This casino is located at the Grand Hotel Kempinski and impresses with the high level of design and service. All was made at the highest level of the best casinos in Las Vegas, there is a full range of games and pleasures. Shows, large prize lotteries and a lot of surprises are being prepared for guests on holidays, to make it interesting for everyone, said Darren Keane, Shangri La managing director.

  1. Wooden architecture

Wooden houses are located in the area of Grizinkalns and Kipsala, as well as in the Moscow suburb, and the center of wooden architecture is Pardaugava, which beautiful wooden houses have been built in since the 17th century.

Unlike other European countries, wooden architecture in Riga continued to develop until the beginning of World War II. A hundred years ago, there were about 12,000 wooden buildings here. In Riga, wooden architecture is more common than in other European cities. At the moment, 4000 buildings have been preserved, the oldest of which is dated back to the 18th century.

  1. Skates

Do you want to awaken in yourself the Olympic figure skating champion? During the winter season in Latvia, public skating rinks are being opened in the largest parks and squares. A visit to the rink is wonderfully combined with a walk through the old town or the Speaker Boardwalk, which is located next to the Central Market — the most significant market in the Baltic.

  1. The largest light park in Latvia

From the beginning of December, the largest Light Park in Latvia was opened in Jurmala. The territory of the forest park «Dzintaru» has turned into a light park with a lot of surprises. 85 thousand LED lamps was used for decorations, specially made for Christmas. Snowflakes, snow in the dunes and other decors — everything shines!

Enjoy the winter in Latvia and choose the rest for your taste!